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About US
About US

We have created this website for you if you are planning to travel to UAE, already often visit, have just moved there or simply interested in learning more about the ever changing City.


Tafseer Ahmad is the CEO and Founder of salaamuae and salaamsaudi. He has vast knowledge of technologies and banking.worked at several top most multi national companies he gain reputation as one of the best manager in baking sector and delivered many banking project.He is committed to help mankind this website is a example of one of his kind work.

He is also helped several people in how to build a startup.He can also help you in mentoring and investing.

The origin story

After coming from india for job in one of the top bank in uae, he experienced lots of problem regarding getting information like what is the best places for live in uae? what is best place for holidy? etc.

He realized due to lack of sufficient knowledge people struggle day by day in UAE as UAE is a most favorite destination place in world .people often confused when they visit different different website and there is no such website which have sufficient data.he often saw a big problem in all website that they only focus one area so if you want to get different type of knowledge about UAE you have to visit different website.

He came with a idea that why we can not put each and  everything in one place ? so he decide to create a website which should have every type of content and he centralized the information about UAE.

He created a team of some excillent people who have depth knowledge of their respective fileds. 


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we are committed to provide you best information about United Arab Emirates.

Amazing Staff
Meet Our Team
Our Team

Management knows that leaders set the tone for the entire company. That’s  why we make it a goal to create harmonious work relationships and a positive work environment for all teams. The enthusiasm our management team has for making your dream trip come true is infectious, to say the least. Having taken the roads both well and less traveled, we utilize years of knowledge and experience to guide and support our global team.


Tafseer is graduated in Computer science and then post graduated from IIM ahmedabad.Served a number of  top multinational companies in various positions in india and other countries, now he is working as a senior manager at ADCB.He lived in UAE since 2013.He has vast knowledge of banking and always happy to help  in advising companies, mentoring and investing.

Mehmood  khan

Co Founder

Qualified as an MBA (Finance), Mehmood Khan is a man of exemplary vision and strong professional commitment. He is highly proficient with over 12 years of experience in Providing Services in corporate Finance, Fund Syndication and Investment Banking Advisory.