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  1. The leader in Games and Entertainment – XBOX 360

    Xbox 360 was first launched in 2005 on MTV,developed by Microsoft.Conceived in 2003 , and known at that time as Xbox Next, Xenon, Xbox 2, Xbox FS or NextBox.In its first year of launch it covered 36 countries ,the maximum number of markets covered by any gaming console.Though initially it couldn’t meet up the high demand but by year's end, Microsoft had shipped 1.5 million units, including 900,000 in North America, 500,000 in Europe, and 100,000 in Japan. Due to its digital media distribution  and multi player gaming on Xbox Live it  managed to remain influential.

    Its accessories include wired and wireless controllers, faceplates for customization, headsets for chatting, a webcam for video chatting, dance mats and Gamercize for exercise, three sizes of memory units and five sizes of hard drives.

     It has managed to be a  leader in games and entertainment featuring various varieties of games, personalized fitness programmes from Nike experts,etc. Xbox consoles and Kinect provides user direct involvement in the game ,taking entertainment to a new level all  together.Tracking body movements and controller free gaming experience is one of a kind experience.

    Initially it was available in two configurations: the Xbox 360 package (Pro/Premium) and the Xbox 360 Core,which was later replaced by Xbox 360 Arcade. Later Xbox 360 S and Xbox 360 E were released. The S series being smaller, angular while the E series being a more streamlined version of the S series.

    It has been subject to a few technical glitches too. Three red lights on the Xbox 360's ring indicator represent a "General Error requiring service of the Console or Power Adapter," commonly nicknamed the "Red Ring of Death”.Similarly when the power button flashes red it indicates systems overheating.

    The Xbox 360 supports videos in Windows Media Video (WMV) format (including high-definition and Play For Sure videos), as well as H.264 and MPEG-4 media.

    In 2012, Microsoft released the Live Event Player, allowing for events such as video game shows, beauty pageants, award shows, concerts, news and sporting events to be streamed on the console via Xbox Live.

    XNA Community is a feature whereby Xbox 360 owners can receive community-created games, made with Microsoft XNA Game Studio, from the XNA Creators Club. The games are written, published, and distributed through a community managed portal.The Xbox Live Marketplace is a virtual market that allows Xbox Live users to download purchased or promotional content. The service offers movie and game trailers, game demos, Xbox Live Arcade games and Xbox 360 Dashboard themes as well as add-on game content (items, costumes, levels etc.).Its best selling game is the Kinect Adventures and the Xbox 360 has sold approximately 84 million units worldwide.

    The Xbox 360's successor, the Xbox One, was released on November 22, 2013 though  Microsoft has stated they plan to support the Xbox 360 until at least 2016.

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  2. Summary : Xbox 360

    Xbox 360 developed by Microsoft ,featuring the largest number of games has redefined the entertainment experience. Kinect and the Red Ring feature are some of the features that make Xbox 360 stand out. Microsoft has sold 84 million units worldwide till date and plans to support it until atleast 2016.

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    MacBook Air with its latest new fifth generation  Intel Core processors ,same all day battery life and better wireless performance have been priced a little on the higher end.MacBook Air price in Dubai range from AED 3000 to 5000, depending upon specifications and size.

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    Canon Cameras have always remained popular and managed a loyal customer base due to its high quality products , variety of cameras and lenses for different needs of shooting style and remained  compact. Though smartphones  have slightly affected Canon cameras but professionals and great photography require more than a smartphone camera.

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    Buy Samsung Tablets Online at SalaamUAE

    A tablet is a beautiful blend of a mobile and a computer but a lot more portable and light than the conventional computer. Android based Samsung tablet helps carry out multiple tasks at great speed. You can find a range of Samsung tablets at best prices on SalaamUAE depending on connectivity, screen size, memory and more.

    These Samsung tablets with multi touch make gaming a remarkable experience. Download your favourite games, watch movies and make video calls with great voice and picture clarity .Being user friendly and with great storage capacity it helps you store all your multimedia files. There are tablets that can be connected to the internet wirelessly or can be connected to the internet by using a carrier-specific data plan. Depending on usage and where maximum time is spent, the choice can be made accordingly.

    As a device used for making calls, reading e-books, watching movies, video conferencing ,surfing the net, taking pictures, playing games and a lot more ;it definitely is a must buy .These portable devices come in various specifications.

    The world’s lightest and slimmest tablet is the Galaxy Tab S2.The other tablet comes with a pen, Galaxy Tab A with S Pen. The Tab 4 has a sleek design with a touch of sophistication; its back cover gives a premium feel and a classy look. Its multi-user mode allows one to have their own account even while sharing the tab with your family members. With the SideSync function, you can view your phone screen on your Samsung Tab 4, transfer data, copy and paste text easily between your phone and tablet by connecting the two devices.

    Everyday innovations like the finger print scanner,multi-window ,ultra-power saving mode, various viewing angles ,turning the screen on and off automatically make Samsung tablets a must have. Being ultra-thin, light weight with expandable memory and lightning fast are some of the other remarkable features that make it worth buying.

    With various types of Samsung Tablets available online on SalaamUAE at Best price, buy now to make it your prized possession.


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  6. MacBook Pro

    Buy Apple MacBook Pro Online at Best price only at SalaamUAE. Browse our amazing collection of Apple laptops depending on your requirements like the screen size, processor type, hard disk capacity, price, etc.

    Apple MacBook Pro, the high end model of the MacBook family is currently produced with 13 -and 15- inch screens .The third generation MacBook Pro, has been marketed as the MacBook Pro   with Retina display to differentiate it from the second generation models. It includes Intel's third generation Core i7 processors (Ivy Bridge microarchitecture), USB 3.0, and a high-resolution 15.4" IPS 2880×1800-pixel Retina display. Other features are an HDMI port, thinner MagSafe port and improved speakers and microphones. It has also designed a new system for cooling the notebook with improved fans. This promises a cooler version of the MacBook Pro, as the earlier generation models of MacBook Pro resulted in overheating in a short span of time. Positive reviews of the MacBook Pro Retina display, flash storage and power have also been received. These improved features have invariably raised the price too of the MacBook Pro, but it definitely is Value for Money.

    High speed processors a key feature of the Apple laptops ensure high speed performance at all times. Heavy duty graphic cards ,high RAM configurations and better sound quality  have made playing long hours of games and movie a remarkable experience without any hang ups .Be it office or personal work, all can be done at ease. MacBook Pro operates on the Mac OS X and so one can carry out any work without having to worry about the usual operating systems related problems.

    Every Mac includes 90 days of free telephone technical support and a one-year limited warranty. But the coverage can be extended to three years from the original purchase date of your Mac ,if you purchase the Apple Care Protection Plan.

    Starting from AED 3379, the MacBook Pro is available online at best price at SalaamUAE .Go through our various models of Apple MacBook Pro and depending on your requirements, buy Apple MacBook Pro online at best price from SalaamUAE now.

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  7. MacBook Air Price in Dubai

    MacBook Air is a line of Macintosh ultraportable notebook computers from Aplle Inc.It balances performance and portability and comes in two sizes and different specifications.First introduced by Steve Jobs in 2008 and promoted as the world’s thinnest notebook.

    The new fifth generation Intel Core processors and same all day battery life is a considerable feature of the new MacBook Air.Environment friendly features have been added to reduce the toxins released.

    The 11 inch is available starting from 3,599 Dhs and the 13 inch one  starts from 3,999 Dhs. 9 hours of battery life is expected in the 11 inch MacBook while 12 hours battery life is expected in the 13 inch MacBook Air.

    Being very responsive due its flash storage, helps it in waking up fast.Ultra fast  and weighing only 2.38 pounds,thin ,light and powerful are some of the features of MacBook Air . Every new Mac comes with Photos, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. So you can be creative and productive right from the start.Though powerful Apps are included one can download more apps. Powered by the OS X ,its operating system,it can do everything .Its new generation wireless connectivity is three times stronger than its previous models and its expanded range can help you to work more freely than ever before.MacBook Air Price in Dubai have remained competitive due to these promising features.

    MacBook Air price in dubai ranges from 3000 to 5000 AED, depending on the various specifications and is available at all the leading online and offline stores here in dubai.

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  8. World’s Thinnest 2 in 1 PC

    Not only did the   Lenovo  Android  phone  with impressive Battery Life ,Expandable Storage and a MediaTek 4G LTE True8Core processor deliver  a superb multimedia experience.

    Its latest Yoga 3 Pro that  can be used as a tablet, made like a tent, stand and yes used as a laptop too; weighing   just at 1.27 kg ,   up to 7.2 hours battery life and ready for Windows 10 is creating the new buzz. Being more than 3 times responsive than the earlier Yoga 2 Pro, allowing the screen to flip around 360 degrees; Lenovo has kept its tradition of innovation.


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  9. LED TV Price in Dubai

    The first true all-LED flat panel television screen was possibly developed, demonstrated and documented by James P. Mitchell in 1977 though efficient blue LEDs did not arrive for another decade. Large displays now use high-brightness diodes to generate a wide spectrum of colors. It took three decades and organic light-emitting diodes for Sony to introduce an OLED TV.

    LED TVs typically have the best contrast ratio. The better the contrast the better the picture. The most popular brands are Samsung, LG, Sony, Toshiba, JVC.Depending on the sizes which can go upto more than 100 inches ,they can be easily purchased in Dubai at a starting price of AED 1000.As the size increases, so does the price .One can filter the search of TV depending on the price,brand,Screen size ,screen type,net connectivity,etc. Sony presented Crystal LED, a TV with a true LED-display (in which LEDs are used to produce actual images rather than acting as backlighting for other types of display, as in LED-backlit LCD displays which are commonly marketed as LED TVs), though no such models have entered mass production.

    The LED 3D TV , that entered in the Guinness Book of Records, is an EKTA screen. It had a refresh rate of 100 Hz, a diagonal of 7.11 m (23 ft 3.92 in) and a display area of 6.192×3.483 m.


    LED TV with their nano crystal color,remastering engine,high resolution and contrasts,smart TV connectivity with mobiles,apps,etc are always high in demand.LED TV prices in Dubai of various brands have remained almost the same.Very low price is offered either by a new entrant in the market or the TV has fewer specifications and a small size.


    In comparison to other countries that levy import duties,taxes,etc  LED TV prices in Dubai have managed to remain quite low comparatively.Making the LED TV ,always a must buy for tourist who come to Dubai for the first time.The LED TV price in Dubai gives value for money, when compared to what all it offers and manages to remain quite low when compared to other regions. A healthy market ,   a port,cooperative government policies are some of the other reasons that enable sellers to offer reasonable rates and great offers too.


    LED TV have managed to outdate Plasma and  continue to do so,until some other innovation comes up.


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  10. LED TV price in Dubai

    LED TV price in Dubai have always remained quite competitive in comparison to other countries, making it a must buy for tourist coming to Dubai for the first time. Healthy market, cooperative government policies, a port are some of the few factors enabling a good price offer.

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